Betterment Fee to be charged by BBMP for lands in illegitimate plans

Property owners who acquire sites or land that has not obtained necessary land use conversion clearance from the civic agencies and those lands for which several government agencies have issued DE-notification will be charged with betterment fee by the BBMP. This betterment fee will be divided into different slots by the Bruhut Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) based on the size of the land.

The BBMP council also said that the land owners who pay betterment fee, there land will be categorized as A Khata. Presently, owners with B Khata properties are not qualified for bank loans, as B Khata properties don’t have authorizations from civic agencies like BMRDA and BDA.

Dreamz-GK-BBMP-NewsThe civic body, which is in need of money very much, has planned for an addition in flow of income up to Rs.200 crore, through this betterment fees.

Under the betterment fees, BBMP has developed two different slots; one slot for properties that measure up to 1,000 sq. mt. will have a betterment fee of Rs.350 per sq. mt. and the other slot being for lands measuring more than 1,000 sq. mt. would be charged with a betterment fee of Rs.300 per sq. mt. In regard to this, most of the lands to profit are sited in the peripheries of the city and have been incorporated in areas that come under the authority of BBMP.

The betterment fee fixed by the BBMP also gives malleable option of four installments to the property owners and for those property owners who want to pay the betterment fee in more than four installments should pay an interest of 1.5 per cent per month.

But, this decision of BBMP should be sanctioned by the Karnataka High Court, which has suppressed the previous two notifications of the BBMP regarding the same matter.

In regard to the betterment fee, the BBMP official said that the betterment fees are fixed depending on the amount spent in the development of the infrastructure and to be spent for the same in the major and newly added areas of Bangalore City. The officials also added that the plots that required the land use conversion clearance or denotified by the government agencies like KIADB, KHB, BDA, and other government agencies should be separated from the lands.

About Rs.200 crore revenue will be generated through the better fee that will make the building houses and selling lands easy for people, says one of the BBMP officials. The official also stated that the betterment fee scheme will benefit most of the sites situated in the peripheries of the city.

Another official also stated that the betterment fee is not applicable for revenue sites and is pertinent to only those sites in which land use conversion clearances are necessary. Previously, the BBMP had fixed an even betterment fee of Rs.550 that was disregarded in the High Court and now the reviewed betterment fee will be presented in the court within a week and will follow its instruction.

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