Dreamz GK Stall at FlatsDeal Home Fair

Visit Dreamz GK Stall at FlatsDeal.in


Dreamz GK Infra is participating in FlatsDeal JUMBO Home Fair. This Home Fair will be held on this weekend i.e. 8th & 9th March. During JUMBO Home Fair Dreamz GK is offering Flats at Half Price. You can also meet Dreamz GK Existing Satisfied Customers. Watch Existing Customer Reviews on YouTube Channel “Dreamz GK Reviews

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2 thoughts on “Dreamz GK Stall at FlatsDeal Home Fair

  1. During this Flatsdeal Home fair, i booked an apartment in Dreamz infra. Flatsdeal people helped me in choosing my flat with Dreamz infra. Through FDI i booked my apartment in a good discount price.

  2. My name is Kesava. I am also booked a flat in Dreamz GK at home fair. I came to know about this through a news paper advertisement. Dreamz GK brand was very power with good construction. We compared the prices of Dreamz with other builders, and we found Dreamz offering at reasonable prices.

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