Dreamz Samhita Status – Construction is in full swing

Dreamz Samhita one of the finest project of Dreamz GK. Dreamz Samhita is constructing at JP Nagar 7th Phase. Jayaprakash Narayan Nagar is called as JP Nagar. It comes in the south of Bengaluru, located to prime areas such as Jayangar, Banashankari, Bannerghatta & BTM Layout.

Dreamz Samhita project construction work is started now and very few Flats are available in Management Quota. If you are looking for ready to move Flat at JP Nagar then Dreamz Samhita is one of the best option.

Dreamz Samhita under construction project images

Dreamz Samhita Status 1

Dreamz Samhita Pic-1

Dreamz Samhita Status 2

Dreamz Samhita Pic-2

Dreamz Samhita Status 3

Dreamz Samhita Pic-3

Dreamz Samhita Status 4

Dreamz Samhita Pic-4

Dreamz Samhita Status 5

Dreamz Samhita Pic-5

Dreamz Samhita Status 6

Dreamz Samhita Pic-6

Dreamz Samhita Status 7

Dreamz Samhita Pic-7

Dreamz Samhita Status 8

Dreamz Samhita Pic-8

Dreamz Samhita Status 9

Dreamz Samhita Pic-9

Dreamz Samhita Status 10

Dreamz Samhita Pic-10

Dreamz Samhita Status 11

Dreamz Samhita Pic-11

Dreamz Samhita Status 12

Dreamz Samhita Pic-12

Dreamz Samhita Status 13

Dreamz Samhita Pic-13

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25 thoughts on “Dreamz Samhita Status – Construction is in full swing

  1. O!.. I am glad after came to know Dreamz Samhita Project construction started. I am eagerly waiting for my flat in Samhita. I was tense because I got my flat at very low price. But today I am one of the happiest people and due to Dreamz Infra my dream home is getting ready in my budget.

  2. I am very Happy after seeing these pics. I am one of the customer of DreamzSamhita project and these pics makes me extremely happy. I am eagerly waiting for my flat.

  3. Previously I had some doubts which was clarified by Mr. Manoj and now I am fully clear with the current and future plan of the project Samhita. JP Nagar is the very good location which is very comfortable to all the places and the flat which I got worth for the price they had given me. Thanks to Dreamz GK family. Really Dreamz Infra is providing flats at very low prices. Visit today Dreamz Infra and book your dream home with Dreamz infra builders.

  4. Dreamz GK is one of the best options for affordable housing in Bengaluru. I booked my flat with Sampoorna project. The project construction got started recently and happy with progress.

  5. I was thinking about Dreamz Samhita , when it will start actually. But it seems to be its already started in proper way. Thanx Dreamz infra for updating the construction status.

  6. Oh………… great news for all of us who booked flats in dreamz samhita. Very impress with dreamz infra the way they are showing their professionalism . Thanxx for keeping your words cause now a days we will not get this type of organisation. Thanx again dreamz infra…..

  7. Oh …really appreciable work dreamz infra for started the construction as per their commitment . Many many thanx for updating the pics of dreamz samhita .

  8. Before coming to dreamz i got lots of bad words abut this company. But when i came to their home fair i cleared all my doubts. These people are so humble and polite to their work. I got good discount and good location here , thats the reason i purchase a flat in samhita. Now it seems to the construction is on full swing. Feeling good to see these pics.

  9. Dreamz reallt you guys are doing some appreciable work. Always giving the flats very low price if we compare to market price or with other builder. Being a Dreamz family really proud .And many many thanxxx .. for the pics .

  10. Dreamz Samhita located of the prome and famous location,. Here you will get every to leave your life. Thanx to dreamz infra making their project in JP Nagar which is very special for me.

  11. From the date of booking I am regularly getting all the feedback about my project which is in full swing. Yes, I am talking about the Dreamz Samhita. I got the pics of construction in their official pages. And recently invited for the opening ceremony of Dreamz Namaha. There only I can imagine what Dreamz Infra is and what they are thinking about the customer …! Not only I am please but also its admirable with their hospitality. It’s really a proud moment for being a part of Dreamz family.

  12. Dreamz Samhita ‘s construction is in full swing …. ooooh feeling excited that i will get my dream home soon . Great work Dreamz Infra… thank a looooooooooot

  13. Feeling awesome after watching the my home pics . Dreamz infra … you guys need some great appreciation from the people those who booked flats in Dreamz Samhita.

  14. After viewing these pics i went for a visit to Dreamz Samhita. Yes, the building the people emotion are in full swing. Really workers of Dreamz are working hard . Hope we the people get our home within time.

  15. I’m very much exciting to live in my dream flat because I’m staying in rental home at BTM and disappointed with the owners of my rental home, come on Dreamz lets finished the construction and take out from the rent home.

  16. After viewing these all pics of Samhita project me and my friends were did party by last night. We got this happiness by Dreamz. Thanks a lot Dreamz by starting the construction of this project, keep on updates…

  17. Its clearly visible that Dreamz Samhita project is started. But its not in full swing, when i will get a pic for completion of !st floor …. ? Then i will take it as a full swing status……… But happy to see all these pics and keep updating Dreamz infra.

  18. Hi everyone, like you guys I’m also exciting after viewing these pics. As we know Dreamz mentioned in the report s as they will finish this project construction as mention time, but we have to force them to finish as soon as possible. Dreamz always listen to their customers feeling so that everyone start calling to the Dreamz office to request about this matter.I’m the first customer who is giving call to Dreamz office for this matter.

  19. After so many search i got a flat in Dreamz infra which is in good location with suitable price . No builder are giving this type of scheme and discount. I so ………. much happy after viewing these pics.

  20. Getting excited after watching these pics. Dreamz Infra started construction here its a great news for me and my family. Keep going Dreamz ……. hope you guys will complete it soon.

  21. Dreamz already you have taken our dreams to make fulfill and converting our dreams into reality now again you did our eyes brighten by uploading the construction pics of this project. Don’t know what will happen after over all completion of this project, so keep on updates because I feel it will be good for customer’s health and wealth…

  22. its nice to see the construction of this project pics. I’m planning to visit at this location to see how much fast construction process is going on.. if anyone is planning to visit this site let me know please because I’m also visiting by this week off..

  23. Having a flat in JP Nagar, it makes me so happy. Cause the cost of the flat here is so much high. Before purchasing here you will think more than hundred times. But after visiting Dreamz infra I got a flat whose price is very much affordable to me. Now you can see the construction pics also, that’s made me so relax .Thanxxx ……… a lot Dreamz Infra.

  24. Hi I am very happy that dreamz samhita construction has been started …I hope they ‘ll finish it as per their committed date…waiting eagerly

  25. Am happy after booked a flat in Dreamz Samhita @ JP Nagar,….. But before book the flat I was fear about Dreamz Infra because of criticisms. Now am very happy after seeing these pics. In the same manner am requesting Dreamz to do the allotment of flat as early. According to Dreamz it should have happened in Dec 2014……..Still not yet happened.

    Dreamz kindly do needful……

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