Stilt parking planned for avoiding decongestion

Bangalore: BBMP is planning to issue a notice introducing a rule of stilt parking to avoid congestion in the city. A proposal is expected to be submitted by the official panel which is formed on the issue of decongestion of the city which is headed by the chief secretary. Official sources say that the rule making stilt parking mandatory could be introduced in the Revised Master Plan (RMP) for the city of Bangalore. Stilt parking was made compulsory in Delhi following a judicial dispute which kept the enforcement of the rule in abeyance. The rule for stilt parking in Bangalore can be expected to be prepared in 2015.

Car Parking for 3rd floor HouseAccording to the officials, the proposal is being made ready and various pros and cons are evaluated with the height of the buildings and the stilt are being worked out. It may be that they may propose a 9 feet high stilt which can be made mandatory.

This rule will be applicable for residential houses of Bangalore having more than two floors. The house owners and the developers may have to start construction of the dwelling units from the first floor making the ground floor parking space for vehicles.

It is expected that to avoid the congestion in the city and refrain people to park their cars on the road, this measure has been adopted wherein the clause of stilt parking will be introduced in the Byelaws of BBMP. The officials remarked that although the Master Plan of BBMP, 2015 specifies mandatory provision of parking space, but it doesn’t talk of stilt parking. Although it’s a practice to show parking spaces but normally the ground floor is used for residence.

The authorities hope that with the enforcement of these laws and making stilt parking mandatory the city’s congestion will be controlled, which will decrease traffic snarls and accident rates too. If this rule is accepted and enforced, it will certainly be a step towards better living conditions in the city.

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8 thoughts on “Stilt parking planned for avoiding decongestion

  1. very nice article, this will be most useful for the officials as well as for the property owners to park their own cars in their own street parking area.. Otherwise it will be difficult for all the owners of the vehicles

  2. very good decision taken by BBMP to decongestion of the parking areas, by doing this kind of strategy Bangalore traffic can save their precious time and visit their destination by roam easily without any struking into the traffic…

  3. To control and remove the traffic of this city BBM really doing well by ordering to the residential and commercials to build stilt parking area otherwise they are allowing charges to the owners of the vehicles as well as to the property owner.

  4. Now days BBMP is really thinking about people don’t know what happen them in the past. Let it be its good to heard that BBMP trying to avoid congestion places at parking areas of this city..

  5. It’s not matter for the newly construction of homes, they can construct parking area at the ground floor. What about old houses and old building of owners? What should they do for decongestive of parking areas?

  6. Now a days everyone is constructing in their homes first ground floor for vehicle parking’s to avoid de-congestion of traffics and also this rule applies to all the new construction of the homes which is made by BBMP. Its nice to see this kind of rules are using legally..

  7. So many people are parking their vehicles at the foot path places while doing shopping that will effect to the people who were all traveling on foot paths due to that reason traffic is occurring, BBMP planned well for to decongest the traffic by constructing separate parking areas.

  8. Hi everyone, I’m agree with all whatever commented about the decongestant of traffics. Since from last 2 years huge traffic is occurring at what the locations of this blog described. People were travelling at these location of this city was facing a lot of problem but now few days ago people are happily crossing the roads and the traffic is viewing less. these all decongestant happens with the great action taken by BBMP, thanks BBMP for controlling traffic of this city and keep on do well..

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