Dreamz Sahavas – Construction work is started

Dreamz Sahavas one of the affordable project of Dreamz GK located at Begur Road, Bengaluru. Currently Begur road is not that much popular but in future there will be very good demand of Real Estate Market. Because there are five major roads that connect Begur to rest of Bengaluru.

Thus, Dreamz GK is constructing Dreamz Sahavas project at Begur Road. Prices of this apartments start from 12 Lacs onwards. 1,2,3 BHK Flats are still available. If you want to book a Flat in Dreamz Sahavas project then visit Dreamz GK corporate office at Silk Board.

Below are the some pictures of Dreamz Sahavas Construction work.

Dreamz Sahavas Construction Status 1

Dreamz Sahavas Status 1

Dreamz Sahavas Construction Status 2

Dreamz Sahavas Status 2

Dreamz Sahavas Construction Status 3

Dreamz Sahavas Status 3

Dreamz Sahavas Construction Status 4

Dreamz Sahavas Status 4

Dreamz Sahavas Construction Status 5

Dreamz Sahavas Status 5

Dreamz Sahavas Construction Status 6

Dreamz Sahavas Status 6

Follow DreamzGK Blog for more updates of Dreamz Project Status and you can also watch Dreamz Samhita project under construction pictures.


17 thoughts on “Dreamz Sahavas – Construction work is started

  1. Construction of this project started it sounds great, because recently I registered my dream flat from Dreamz. Thanks for updating and starting of this project construction.

  2. Begur Road is not very much popular place in Bangalore , but still i invest money here . Cause Bangalore growth in near future is solid. The cost of all flat here in Begur road will get high. Now Dreamz infra giving it in very less price. And here the pics which DREAMZ INFRA updated here its really making me stun. Thanx dreamz infra for starting the construction very fast. And please keep updating.

  3. I’m willing to say that in this project I booked 1BHK flat in 12 lacs. But I paid my first instalment after booking of few months I’m getting the updates of this project through their CRM team and now I’m viewing the pics of this construction work started. I think Dreamz has started the construction of this project before one month of the mentioned date. Thank you Dreamz keep on updates…

  4. Sahavas is one of the major project of Dreamz infra which is located in Begur Road. Now this place is not in demand. But Begur Road is connected with five major roads to Bangalore. In near future it comes to demand that I am sure. Cause BANGALORE is growing vastly. Now the Begur Road is outskirt , time will come then you can see that Begur Road will be the major place of Bangalore. So don’t hesitate to buy any property here.

  5. For this project i’m going to say is, this is very cheapest ,less margin project with more amenities compare to all the projects of Dreamz. So friends why you’re missing this kind of lucky opportunity, Hurry up…!

  6. Begur Road is not a Dream place for accommodation. It is difficult to leave here because Begur road is far away from the Bangalore city. But still people are investing money for their future. Five major roads is link with Begur Road so that the communication is not a problem. And also the Bangalore area is spreading more. After 2/3 years it is going to be huge demand for Begur road sites. That is the reason Dreamz Infra making their one of the project which is on full swing. You can see the construction pics .

  7. dreamz sahavas the most awaited project of dreamzgk, finally the project has started I am feeling very happy and relaxed by getting these pictures I had booked a 2bhk flat on November by paying 30% as my down payment. After watching these pictures I hope the construction won’t stop until the completion of the project. Begur road is one of the demanding areas of Bangalore and in recent future its demand will increase.

  8. In this New Year I visited at the Home fair of Dreamz and viewed all the projects and their prices. In all the projects of Dreamz this is the project which is totally cheaper than the all projects of Dreamz. I feel that this project customers were became very luckiest people by booking their dream flat at very low price’s and think still booking is going on Hurry up friends…!

  9. I booked a flat in Dreamz infra Sahavas project due to only future investment. Now the Begur Road is completely out skirt from Bangalore , so no need to worry. Cause property buying is the best investment. After 5yrs you can see what will be the price of this flat. So don’t waste your time by thinking, go ahead to grab this opportunity from Dreamz Infra.

  10. Thank you very much Dreamz GK for uploading sahavas project pictures, these pics are great relief for me. After 2 months from my booking nothing has been started although at the time of booking it has been told that construction work will be started after 2-3 months but still I was worried about my investments, now I feel relaxed and secured. I appreciate the work and dedication shown by dreamz for their customers.

  11. If I am sure these are not the construction pictures actually. But still Dreamz Infra showing great enthusiasm by taking the initiative for Sahavas project.Thanx …………. DreamzGK Infra for updating the pics.

  12. Little bit nervousness gone after watching this project snaps. I will get full happier after this project completion within the mention date and time. So keep on updating Dreamz..

  13. Dreamz infra has a handful of projects all over Bangalore why I choose dreamz sahavas is for its location because these outskirt areas are always in demand from the non native people so for investment purpose this location is very ideal again people who loved to stay in a pollution free and calm place then this area is perfect for them so in both cases I have surety of profit.

  14. I booked a flat in DreamzSahavas at Begur road which I want, because it is my native place . It may so far from the Bangalore city but still it has some specialty. Now Bangalore is the IT hub of INDIA as well as its becoming a brand name in international market. So may Begur is outskirt but you can’t imagine after 5yrs what will be the situation of Begur.

  15. Bangalore place is like golden place for the property buyers. If once they buy the Lands or Homes they will become richest person in their family because the value of the Lands will be increases in future . In this city every people are coming from other cities to settle down because this city changes everyone’s life. Dreamz are selling the homes at very less rate so why should we waste our time and opportunity. Hurry up…!

  16. As a customer point of view I can see these are only the cleaning and digging process before starting the construction. So it’s not great news but make me relaxed. After booking here in this project, what will be happen in next few months? From now I have faith on Dreamz Infra because they started the initiative step for construction in Begur road, what they promised me before !!!!!!!!!!

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