Mobility and seamless connectivity paves way for Bengaluru’s growth

Mobility and connectivity is a social, economic and prosperity need of a region. It certainly influences how people are connected to their place of work, education, leisure or social services and their recreational spaces. The experts opine that the urban connectivity has to be seamless introducing a new dimension in urban mobility which ensures reliable, sustainable and well integrated high capacity public transportation facility to the citizens. This happens with the movement of different progressive forces integrating together and as people shape the pattern of an urban infrastructural development the seamless connectivity in the urban transportation model has to be implemented in close coordination with planning of land usages and large scale infrastructural developments.

Seamless Connectivity for Bangalore Real Estate GrowthAdvantages of seamless Connectivity:
An integrated network of transport means several options of transport in terms of speed, availability, quality, cost and comfort and ease of access. The experts opine that the urbanization with seamless connectivity that ensures physical and economic growth is not only restricted to special zones or pockets but should be balanced and sustainable too. Thus if a comprehensive development plan is chalked out it should focus on the ease of connectivity and mobility.

A Perspective of Bengaluru
Government of Karnataka in improving Bangalore’s physical infrastructure and developing major infrastructure projects to encourage overall economic development and has taken many proactive measures. The BBMP has undertaken plans of 3, 500 km of road including 250 km of arterial roads and National highways which counts for another 100 km. It has plans for 38, 000 intersections, 162 signalized road intersections, 41,000 small roads and 600 manual intersections. The city’s Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) have 2, 400 km of road networks. The Outer Ring Road or the ORR has a 7 to 10 km distance from the centre of the city covering a total distance of 62 km and connects all major roads and the highways too, inside and around Bengaluru. But it has been noticed that of late the ORR has also become like the city roads with the local traffic plying and many signaled intersections with development of flyovers all around. Along with this, it can be expected that completion of the Metro rail project will also decongest the traffic on the roads of Bangalore.

Presently the Phase I of Metro railway between Byappanahalli and M.G. Road and the stretch between Sampige Road and Peenya are operational and Reach I is expected to start functioning by next year. The planned Peripheral ring road (PRR) will surely decongest the city roads to a considerable extent and the ORR too by connecting the key roads seamlessly.

Areas that will benefit from this seamless connectivity:
The experts and  city planners points out that the areas that will benefit from the seamless connectivity of Bengaluru are Bellary Road, Hosur Road, Tumkur Road, Electronic City and ORR and its surroundings.

Micro-Markets and Pockets of growth
The experts point out those areas in and around Hebbal has shown significant influx of migration and development due to infrastructure growth and connectivity. The statistics reveal that about 10.3 million sq. ft. of office space has become operational and another 4.6 million is under construction. When it comes to residential units about 3000 apartments are under construction in Hebbal and adjoining areas with 0.13 million sq. ft. of retail space being available to the inhabitants of the area.

The town planners have also noticed that ORR has been the reason for development of areas like Bellary road with increased residential and commercial activities being observed after the construction of the elevated expressway. The international airport and the Metro railway have already marked the beginning of increased residential preference and commercial activity in and around Tumkur Road. Similarly Hosur Road is also bustling with improved residential and commercial activities too due to the elevated express ways from Electronic City to Silk Board junction.

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34 thoughts on “Mobility and seamless connectivity paves way for Bengaluru’s growth

  1. No city is developed without a good mobility and connectivity, In Bangalore few micro market like Bellary and Hebbal came to existence in residential areas because of its social connectivity only. Today each resident of Karnataka witness the development of electronic city for its transportation facility and the interlinking road to both the state. The above facts and figure gives a complete knowledge about real estate and the arguments should be in mind of every investor while investing in market.

    • Tumkur and Hossur road are already in developing stage due to the presence of connective roads respectively; from the history we can look around the places which are well connected and easy to access are always in demand and more developed then others. Well in an end the government has a important role in preparing new residential zones.

    • In Bangalore if you site example of any area then it can be concluded that mobility and connectivity are the key factors for the development of any area. Lets site an example here, the growth of Electronic city, Chandapura and Hosur are the places which are developed because of the connective express high way road from silk Board to Electronic City.

  2. In Bangalore, few places are Integrated with all the accessibility, availability, transportation are all common. At the Hebbal area so many residential are coming up in this area we can get micro market which seems connected with all the zones of market.

  3. Development of any city depends upon its connectivity to other areas and a city like Bangalore is developed because of the attention of Karnataka Government towards its city infrastructure. Projects like International Air Port, metro railway and the express highway between silk board and electronic city helps a lot of small areas to develop as a demanding residential a.reas

    • For economic prospect connectivity is must, any city without proper connective roads grows neither economically nor infra structurally where as both are the first need if any to develop. Today Bangalore is the fastest growing IT metro city is only because of its proper planning and implementation.

  4. Bangalore is already grown up at the top most places in IT’s as well as in business sectors. This greenery city is pledged with all the verity of zones, and the builders of this city were they doing work hard to attract this city to the other states of the the way of constructing buildings, companies, industries, malls and clubs which makes this city to bright everyday..

  5. Bangalore is now in its pick development. Every areas is growing and developing due to demand of technology. So for this reason connectivity to each and every area is the must needy thing. So far Bangalore is managing its life style in a small range. But within next 2/3 years its going to be large which is quite not manageable if the present status of the city will not change.Bangalore started its journey as a metro city from past 2 years still metro facility not available in many areas.

  6. When cities become larger and larger the key focus is for efficient transportation and to take care the health of this entire population so when a city grows more crowds stepping there, in order to provide those food and shelter government plan small residential areas and those areas become more popular when some new project introduced there.

  7. Top city like Bangalore need good transportation to make the communication better. Day by day the Bangalore is becoming larger and larger. So for time saving here is the main factor. If the communication is not suitable then nobody will reach their destination in time. So for that reason Bangalore need some best transportation.

  8. People were connected to the place where they can get everything like social, economic, physical environments like schools, colleges, official, police stations, fire brigade, and hospitals. Then only that place value becomes more demands and expensive. For example places like: Silk board, Whitefield, Yelhanka and many more…

  9. In recent period their is large number of residential project is going on in Bangalore. Because builder knows people of Bangalore wants some luxurious space for life with advance technology. Sometimes the project area is not located in seamless connectivity. For that reason Bangalore need some good transportation for saving the time. You can see the Bangalore traffic now a days. its ridiculous.

  10. Some of the outskirts areas are connecting like a network to make good relation with the inner city of the roads so that people can surround and invest their money at these locations because the outskirts are becoming more valuable than the remaining places of Bangalore.

  11. The communication and the connectivity are affects more for growth of a city. There should be good transportation between such areas where people engaging themselves for their daily needs. Till now many cities of India are in disaster condition where transportation is like a joke. But for Bangalore it’s manageable. It’s clearly visible that even after a city is the IT hub of India still it has not got any smoothest transportation. You can see the Bangalore traffic, how rush it is. If Bangalore will get the seamless connectivity then we can save time,petrol and money as well.

  12. For the larger cities there we can find connectivity’s of smallest thing to bigger one like near by the city village hospital doctors send their patience to the larger city’s hospitals because in the city people can find all the things which is not available in village. And the operations are well done within a minutes without any problems occurs. So connectivity comes when the city becomes larger and famous.

  13. At the residential place each and every thing should be connected with the community of villas, arcade. Like surrounding of apartments everything should available like: Big Bazaar, Shopping mall, hospitals, police station, fire brigade station, schools, colleges, Parks, temples and many more. People like to settle at the places where all these facilities get available easily.

  14. The transport should be speed, availability, quality cost and comfort which Bangalore need right now. This is due to save the time and using it in a profitable way. These types of seamless connectivity assure the physical and economic growth of the city. But Bangalore’s current situation is demanding a lot about the seamless connectivity and the best transport because the growth of the city is in top. More than 50% of the people are technology oriented and they know city like Bangalore also can compete with other city.

  15. Now Bangalore is as a highly demanded city in India. Most of the people who wants to make their carrier in IT, they are coming to Bangalore. So the crowed of the city growing day by day.But as we compare the crowed with transportation , then the transportation option is very less. So Bangalore need advance and time consuming seamless transport, which will be covered by all of the city.

  16. If a person is buying the home in this city means he/she has to see all the connectives near to the home mean at the home near everything should be connected like educations, offices, companies and industries, So that the person can save the time instead of travelling into traffic.

  17. Thanks to the government of Karnataka for taking decision to make connectives to improve the speed, availability, quality of the transports. One more thing the action of widening the road can decrease the traffic of this city and saves lot of time of time manageable people.

  18. For building new and stunning Bangalore Government of Karnataka try to change the physical and economical structure of Bangalore. BBMP has approved around 3500 km of road for making and maintaining. Main reason to make this transportation seamless is every person can reach in time. Till now only the 1st phase of metro rail has completed. Due to this metro construction also the traffic is getting congested. So far for seamless connectivity it will take time to Bangalore.

  19. Seamless connectivity is the most important thing in city like Bangalore , cause huge amount of people are moving here and there every day. Only areas like EC, Hosur road, Tumkur road has good transportation. Then what about the other side of the Bangalore? Every areas of Bangalore is now affecting from no seamless connectivity. That is the reason the Bangalore traffic going rush day by day. Right now its a very big issue for Bangalore and government should think about it.

  20. If anyone is thinking to make good returns while investing money please go buy at the place where all the ways, economical, physical and infrastructural connectivity should be there, then only the investments brings values and more demands of that property.

  21. Seamless connectivity in the sense it should connect to every path of the city. For this reason people should not face any problem.But we can see now how much the Bangalore people are suffering due to this busy traffic. Only some places in Bangalore we can see the best transportation. But in so many places still there are no good transportation also.As a brand a IT hub of India government should consider it & try to make the complete city as seamless connection.

  22. Seamless transportation to each and every areas can be happen only when the metro rail will finish. That is the only way we can resolve the rush in Bangalore. But the metro rail construction is on the 1st stage which is going on from past 3 years. If the construction of metro rail will go in this rate then it will take another 10 years to finish. So people will never enjoy the seamless transportation which is very essential for the city like Bangalore.

  23. The population of Bangalore increases day by day and more residential areas has to be created by our Karnataka Government, and only creating residential lands are not enough they have to create connective roads in order to do construction and transportation for the public so development of any area and its connectivity is vice-versa to each other.

  24. Bangalore is growing very quickly now days. Many IT parks, residential projects, hospitals. Colleges are in progress. Those people wants to working in MNC’S or for study in better colleges they are migrating from another state to Bangalore. This is making Bangalore city very crowded and rush. For this reason people are not getting the right transportation in time which makes them late for their work or they are suffering a lot for no seamless transportation.

  25. Bangalore is one of the most robust growth and higher list of real estate trends in comparison to other cities in India. A real estate builder in Bangalore has been started developing of robust connectivity with all the requirements of users in and surrounding of their projects. a positivity connection towards their customers to who intend to purchase plots/flats and villas in and around at the Connectivity hubs areas.

  26. Through seamless connectivity people can interconnect to their work place, school, colleges, hospitals etc. Bangalore has large number of crowd right now which I can see in Silk Board for only one bus more than 100 people are running behind it. Silk Board is the main junction; it connects to every areas of Bangalore. But we can’t say this transportation is seamless. There is no speed, availability, quality and comfort in this transportation. The physical and economic growth of the city is increasing but there is no such a seamless transportation in Bangalore which can help the people anytime.

  27. I’m very much happy to say that which I booked my dream flat in Dreamz Sungam project which is located at Silk board. This project is connected to all the top zones of Bangalore. Silk board connects to all the ways of top ORR and to the IT sectors.

  28. Hi, is there any projects in the above mention areas like Hosur road, bellary road or tumkur road? I would definitely like to invest with dreamz GK if projects are available in such areas.

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