DreamzGK releasing management quota flats

The demand for the affordable apartments is huge in Bengaluru. DreamzGK Infra is the pioneer in selling apartments at half the price than the market prices or even lesser and Dreamz GK had about 40 projects and all were sold in almost no time.  We congratulate our customers for such an over whelming response and what and where we stand today is for you, our valued customers. We publicly declared that all our apartments were sold out which is true as we had few apartments reserved for the employees with the management of Dreamz.

After the news spread that all the apartments were sold out, mails started coming and customers also gate crashed to our offices and requested us for more. So on customers’ demand we decided to dispose of the apartments for the employees to you which will be under the discretion of the management of Dreamz to sell these apartments.  We request all of you, desirous of buying apartments at Dreamz prices which is lesser than 50 percent of the market price to contact the management team of Dreamz or call the number in the advertisement.

DreamzGK releasing management quota flatsWhat we have on offer:

We have few 1, 2 and 3 BHK apartments in Dreamz Sarvottam located in J.P. Nagar.

We have few 2 and 3 BHK apartments in Dreamz Sadan located at Kundalahalli.

We have few 2 and 3 BHK apartments in Dreamz Samrudhi located at Koramangala.

Dreamz Susthapit has few apartments in Electronic City which are 2 and 3 BHK.

In Whitefield we have 1, 2 and 3 BHK apartments in Dreamz Swadhyay and Swadesh.

In Dreamz Sai Sagar near Puttenahalli Lake, J.P. Nagar we have few 2 and 3 BHK apartments left to be sold.

We request all the prospective customers desirous of buying apartments from Dreamz GK to come and meet our management team or call the number in the advertisement as the prices of these above apartments are priced at lesser than 50 % of the market price. Hurry, as there is no time left.  It’s either now or never.


53 thoughts on “DreamzGK releasing management quota flats

  1. Dreamz infra truly measured the demand of affordable flats in Bangalore, after arranging their flats respect to their customers now they came with the rest of the flats even with the same price what they use to be,

  2. It will be great news for buyers, still need to know what would be the price of these flats? In my knowledge management flats are very highly priced but for dreamz anything is possible. Again the price difference should justify its reason. If the price is lower than the pre-launched projects than people would start complaining on it.

    • Certainly this is a good news that Dreamz GK released some of their flats for public, but the demoralizing here is no under construction projects. They have opened few flats in their pre launched projects.

  3. First of all thanks for giving an this offer but I’m interested in the Dreamz Samhita project which in JP Nagar, Even last week I visited Dreamz about Samhita project. the sales executive told me that all Samhitha flats were soldout. Please inform me, is there any management quota flats. I’m waiting for your reply.

    • Hi dilip you are too late to buy this project, I don’t understand why you visited the project without knowing if there are flats available or not? Rather you could have visited Dreamz GK office to know more alike projects, you might have interested. There is a project named Dreamz SaiSagar that might fits to your need you can check with it.

  4. Due to huge demand of DreamzGK Infra flats all of their flats has been sold out. Can you imagine out of 41 projects every flat were sold out. This not miracle, this love and faith of people.

  5. Wao……… its again a great opportunity for the people who wants to buy flats here in Bangalore. Dreamz infra’s all the flats has been sold out from their 41 projects. That is reason release some management quota flats for the people.

  6. A good news from Dreamz Infra side after along wait from home seeking people who lost their hopes are now able to buy their flats at their affordability. Behind all this news the most important factor is the price of these released flats remains same with some conditional change only. So seekers need to be in hurry because they really don’t want to get late again this time.

  7. Thanks for giving an offer for, I was interested to by flat in Sarvotham due to my financial problems 2 moths back I was not able to book a flat in in Dreamz Sarvotham. Last week I went for book a flat, their executive told me that “ all flats were sold out”, since last week I was waiting for their any new prelaunch project in JP Nagar, however now they given management quota offer this time I don’t want to miss. I should get it.

  8. You Dreamz Infra people are great! How humbly working you are for the customer’s requests. Finally you given your management quota flats also. Thank you I will utilize this opportunity without fail.

    • This is not for the first time, DreamzGK has been showing such greatness from the past four year and customers like you have made them feel proud. Otherwise which builder will release their management quota flats so soon only to full fill their customer needs and requirements.

      • There is a saying, some people learns from others mistake, some from their own mistake and some people never learns. People who still are observing sitting on their fence they will never going to make anything in their entire life. This kind of offer will never come again. So without wasting time on thinking people should take some action and visit this builder.

  9. First time i am seeing that people are crazy about a builder. After sold out the flats from the 41 projects, they now going to sell some more flats to the people using management quota. The flats which they will sell that was reserve for some employee.Anyway its a great opportunity for the home seeker.

  10. It sounds great! I recommended Dreamz GK for friends to book a flat. They went a week ago to Dreamz and they were disappointed by hearing news that “flats all are sold out”. Now I came to know about this management offer. Immediately I’m going along with my friends to book a 2BHK flat in Dreamz Samrudhi located at Koramangala

  11. Opportunity never knocks the door again and again. So if you guys are searching for flats visit o DreamzGK Office. Still they have some flats which they release today only………….. so don’t be late….. Hurry!!

    • You’re right Lata, opportunity never knocks the door again and again. But Dreamz GK seems different, they given one more opportunity for their valuable customers requests.

  12. DreamzGK creating history in infrastructure of Bangalore. Out of 41 projects all the flats has been sold out. Its quite unbelievable, but this is true. That is why people are taking interest for Dreamz GK flats. For the haters also this the last and the best opportunity that they will never ever get ant where else.

  13. I am a client of Dreamz for JP Nagar Samhita project. Its a great pleasure that I have connected to a organization which is loved by the people very much. That is the reason people are requesting Dreamz GK by mail and call. By seeing this demand of the people they open a new and genuine scheme which is the management quota plan. So you are desperate to own a flat then make it quick.

  14. All the flats of Dreamz GK are sold out, but still the employees flats which they reserve for their best employees. Now they are going to sell all these using management quota, don’t worry they will sell in affordable price again.

  15. Reserved flats for the employee also Dreamz GK is going sell due to unbelievable demand DreamzGK projects. Really people are trusting Dreamz GK so much, that is the reason they are becoming the brand name of Bangalore real estate. Its may be the bad luck for the DreamzGK Infra employee but it is good opportunity for the people who thinking about owning any property here in Bangalore. Because Dreamz GK known for quality with affordable flats.

  16. I am very happy for to be a part of DreamzGK Infra family. I got the news that Dreamz GK successfully sold their all the projects, that became the biggest news in Bangalore real estate. But still the people are crazy for Dreamz GK’s projects. The quality and price differentiating DreamzGK Infra from other builders. That is why they are getting mail and calls from too many people, to resolve this issue Dreamz GK start the management quota system.

  17. Its comes to people’s mind that management quota means , the flats rate will be high. But with Dreamz GK the price is always be constant. DreamzGK release these flats on people’s request , so far all the are sold out.

  18. I will never going to miss this opportunity, this may be a last chance for everybody. Because Dreamz GK will not going to launch any project up to 2016. So we have to grab this wonderful chance, it will never come again.

  19. Maximum time management quota bring happiness for the people. For the people of Bangalore Dreamz GK again came with a new strategy, so don’t waste your time by thinking, make a strong decision and own a flat with Dreamz GK.

  20. I thought I was the last customer of Dreamz Sadan, but DreamzGK Infra given one more opportunity some more people those who are hunting home. Dont miss this offer you may lost your Dream home at reasonble price.

  21. After sold out all the flats Dreamz GK became bound to release those flats which they store for their employees. Because the property buyers gave them a huge demand by sending mails and calls. This incident making Dreamz GK which is coming with a revolution for the people in the real estate market.

    • Hi sir, this is acceptable that Dreamz GK has kept some of their flats for their employees which they are now releasing as management quota. But one thing strikes in my mind that they why only pre launched projects? If they must have some flats in their under construction projects for their employees why they are not releasing those flats? After all under construction projects have more demand than pre launched ones

  22. I am saying Dreamz GK is simply best real estate company in Bangalore right now. That is why people have so much trust in DreamzGK. They didn’t sell their all projects in one night, their business strategy and reasonable price for all location of Bangalore made them the best.

  23. I am very happy for Dreamz GK, because i am also a part of DreamzGK. I never thought Dreamz GK will became a reliable and trustworthy company for the people. But the scenarios are saying the story itself.

  24. I never heard any builder has released any flats from their management quota for their customers. Since management quota flats are reserved for different reason to fulfill. If Dreamz GK is opening these flats because of their customer demand than the offer should be for very limited period. Hope people who have requested Dreamz will get their flats.

  25. From past four years Dreamz GK Infra showing their dedication to make this city’s accommodation easy. Mostly for the middle class people they are selling the flats with a cost which is very less from the market price. This is why they are focused real estate company for the Bangaloreans.

  26. Dreamz GK growing like a giant real estate company in Bangalore, within short period of time they completed 3 projects and many out of 41 projects are under construction . The unbelievable thing is all the flats are sold out. This amazing strategy of business …………. really awesome DreamzGK and proud to be a part of Dreamz GK Family.

  27. Dream GK released their all the remaining flats, which they store for their employee. Now they will sell these flats in management quota scheme. I don’t think Dreamz GK will rise their price for this scheme. So take a chance guys ….. you may own a lat easily.

  28. Still Dreamz GK has some flats which they released for management quota. They have so many projects in very splendid location, So don’t be delay. may be you will not get this opportunity again.

  29. Dreamz GK always be with their customer, for their well wisher again they started a new plan for them. The new scheme is management quota plan. Don’t worry … the price of the flat is still remain the same. So hurry up….!

  30. Dreamz GK giving the best service to their customer, that is why people are showing their love towards Dreamz GK. From the huge respond DreamzGK bound to release their unsold flats which they stored for the employee.

    • Yes… Mr Prahalad Dreamz GK is perfect in their commitment. When booked a flat in Sangam, as per they told me started the construction and now its in full swing. I think it will complete within the given time. So people should always go with builder like Dreamz GK.

  31. Your great! Dreamz GK people, I’m very proud being a Dreamz GK Infra customer. After seen this Management quota, I recommended to all my friends to utilize the offer. Thanks Dreamz GK.

  32. I wish to be a part of DreamzGK by owning a flat from them. Because I got very good feedback from my friends who owned flats from them. Even they are still getting the good service from Dreamz GK. And this a very good platform for me.

  33. Its amazing…… for a Real estate builder people has so much trust. It happens for very few organization , if they are doing continuously the perfect work as a professional. Here Dreamz GK is doing a great work by providing the best flats in reasonable price.

  34. Is that management quota plan is still exist? since last two weeks I was out of station. I just planed to come next Sunday. Please please reply me soon.

    • Yes there are some flats still available in some of there pre launch projects that you can book. I would like to recommend Dreamz Sai Sagar project located in JP Nagar. A very few flats were there you check its availability now because the pre construction works has already started here.

  35. On public demand Dreamz GK released their some of the flats which they had keep for their employees. When I heard about this then I felt , it was a great decision for me to go with a builder like DreamzGK. In near future I am sure that they will rule the Bangalore real estate.

  36. Congrats to Dreamz GK for being mostly trusted real estate company in Bangalore. Most of their projects are completed and some of them are under construction. within only 4 years they are now ruling the Bangalore real estate.

  37. Yea Rohini, I bought a flat in management quota the price of the flat is still remain the same only. I am very thankful Dreamz GK for giving this offer.

  38. I was scaring to purchased a flat from Dreamz because the flat rate was very low. But when I got the news that Dreamz GK succeeded to sold out their all flats. That time I was so worried. Within few days later they again started their management quota scheme and I thought this is the time to grab this opportunity. On the next day I booked a flat with then in their JP Nagar project.

  39. It was my luck that I got a flat in Bangalore with a best location. Thanks to Dreamz GK who gave this opportunity in heir management quota scheme. And the flat cost is so much reasonable. For this I am very happy.

    • I also got a flat from Dreamz GK through the management quota. that moment I feel very lucky. Because the price of management quota is a reasonable price only.

  40. Really its feel good for Dreamz GK……. obviously I am a part of DreamzGK Infra. Apart from this for the 1st time a non government organization praised by the people.

  41. For a real estate company it’s a very big thing that they are admire by the people so much. The remaining flats which they store for their employee , that attracting to more people to visit their office. This a extra ordinary reputation achieved by Dreamz GK.

  42. I am really proud that I am a part of such an organization which is fulfilling all the home dreams of people. Within a short span of four years they achieved a lot. Dreamz GK is always by the people and for the people.

  43. It shows how their humble and hard work towards the customer’s requests. And now I came to know how they are got the plenty of satisfied customers with in a couple of years.

  44. It was last chance to buy flat in DreamzGK Infra Sarvotham project in January New year offer. But after requesting of many customers like us they released their management quota flats. Now I bought a flat in Dreamz Sarvotham. Thanks Dreamz GK giving this offer.

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