Dreamz GK Infra Ugadi Offer

Dreamz GK Infra India is offering 20% additional discount for ‘UGADI’. Bangaloreans can utilize this opportunity to book apartment in Bangalore. Dreamz GK Infra have 30 + residential projects across the Bangalore includes all primary locations like Electronic city, HSR Layout, Marathahalli, Whitefield, Sarjapur Road, Horamavu etc.. Dreamz Infra have many happy customers and you can their testimonials on official YouTube channel ‘Dreamz GK Reviews‘.



Dreamz GK in JUMBO Home Fair

Dreamz GK Infra is well known Real Estate / Residential Construction Company in Bangalore. Dreamz GK never compromise in quality of construction. Dreamz is providing apartments at very affordable prices in Bangalore. Dreamz GK foremost motto is each and every middle class people can buy their dream home in Bangalore. Dreamz GK is offering Super Luxury Apartments, Luxury Apartments and Semi-Luxury Apartments with all modern amenities like: Rain Water Harvesting, Covered Swimming Pool, High Safety Standards & Shopping Complex etc.

Dreamz GK Infra is participating in JUMBO Home Fair organized by FlatsDeal. This Home Fair will be held on 15th & 16th of March. In this Home Fair Dreamz GK is offering Half Price Apartments in Bangalore. Other than that you can meet Dreamz GK Existing Satisfied Customers in Home Fair.


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Awards Won by Dreamz GK Infra

Dreamz GK Infra India Ltd. entered the real estate or residential construction company in Bangalore on 8th of March 2011 with a sole determination to offer luxury affordable homes to middle-class people who dream of owning a home in this affluent city of Bangalore.

In a short span of 3 years, we are proud to say that we have achieved our aim through our milestone projects in residential market and received accolades and acceptance from many customers. Today, we have around 30+ projects in prime locations of Bangalore city under different stage of constructions. As a newcomer to real estate in 2011 and to have these many projects in hand as well as to leave repute trademark in just three years is not that easy and we thank our supporters and customers who believe us and to make our foundation strong with their confidence in us. Our effort not only gained us many valuable customers but also was noticed by many analysts and veterans in the real estate industry of Bangalore. We are happy that our efforts didn’t go unnoticed and the market analysts who are watching the market and the players in the industry saw our service in the construction field and bestowed us with many national and international awards.

Here is a list of National and International Awards won by us:
In the month of February, our company was bestowed with many awards and if we say it was raining awards in February it wouldn’t be wrong as the company received ‘REAL ESTATE AND INFRASTRUCTURE AWARD’ in the 36th National Seminar on “Individual Achievements and National Development’ for its outstanding service in the real estate field.

Dreamz GK Infra also won KAVI-PAVI Award for ‘Excellence in Construction’ and ‘Physically Handicapped Award’ in the All India Cricket championship.

Dreamz Infra India was also bestowed with many awards in the month of October ‘Indian Achiever Award for Construction and Design’ awarded for our innovative Construction and Design in our projects, ‘Indian Leadership Award’ for excellence in construction, and ‘Gem of India Award’.

Some of the awards to add to our crown are ‘Pride of India Award’; ‘All India Business and Community Award’; and ‘Gold Star Asia International Award’. With continuing our dedication and service in the field of construction and real estate industry, our motto always remain the same that is to provide affordable quality homes to all prospective buyers. By achieving our motto, we believe that awards and accolades will follow us, because we are aware of what we are doing.

Watch our existing happy customer reviews at YouTube official channel “Dreamz GK Reviews”.

Dreamz GK Stall at FlatsDeal Home Fair

Visit Dreamz GK Stall at FlatsDeal.in


Dreamz GK Infra is participating in FlatsDeal JUMBO Home Fair. This Home Fair will be held on this weekend i.e. 8th & 9th March. During JUMBO Home Fair Dreamz GK is offering Flats at Half Price. You can also meet Dreamz GK Existing Satisfied Customers. Watch Existing Customer Reviews on YouTube Channel “Dreamz GK Reviews

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Betterment Fee to be charged by BBMP for lands in illegitimate plans

Property owners who acquire sites or land that has not obtained necessary land use conversion clearance from the civic agencies and those lands for which several government agencies have issued DE-notification will be charged with betterment fee by the BBMP. This betterment fee will be divided into different slots by the Bruhut Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) based on the size of the land.

The BBMP council also said that the land owners who pay betterment fee, there land will be categorized as A Khata. Presently, owners with B Khata properties are not qualified for bank loans, as B Khata properties don’t have authorizations from civic agencies like BMRDA and BDA.

Dreamz-GK-BBMP-NewsThe civic body, which is in need of money very much, has planned for an addition in flow of income up to Rs.200 crore, through this betterment fees.

Under the betterment fees, BBMP has developed two different slots; one slot for properties that measure up to 1,000 sq. mt. will have a betterment fee of Rs.350 per sq. mt. and the other slot being for lands measuring more than 1,000 sq. mt. would be charged with a betterment fee of Rs.300 per sq. mt. In regard to this, most of the lands to profit are sited in the peripheries of the city and have been incorporated in areas that come under the authority of BBMP.

The betterment fee fixed by the BBMP also gives malleable option of four installments to the property owners and for those property owners who want to pay the betterment fee in more than four installments should pay an interest of 1.5 per cent per month.

But, this decision of BBMP should be sanctioned by the Karnataka High Court, which has suppressed the previous two notifications of the BBMP regarding the same matter.

In regard to the betterment fee, the BBMP official said that the betterment fees are fixed depending on the amount spent in the development of the infrastructure and to be spent for the same in the major and newly added areas of Bangalore City. The officials also added that the plots that required the land use conversion clearance or denotified by the government agencies like KIADB, KHB, BDA, and other government agencies should be separated from the lands.

About Rs.200 crore revenue will be generated through the better fee that will make the building houses and selling lands easy for people, says one of the BBMP officials. The official also stated that the betterment fee scheme will benefit most of the sites situated in the peripheries of the city.

Another official also stated that the betterment fee is not applicable for revenue sites and is pertinent to only those sites in which land use conversion clearances are necessary. Previously, the BBMP had fixed an even betterment fee of Rs.550 that was disregarded in the High Court and now the reviewed betterment fee will be presented in the court within a week and will follow its instruction.

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Dreamz GK Freedom Home Fair 1st & 2nd March

Dreamz GK Infra offers Half Price Flats on 1st & 2nd March

Dreamz GK Infra hosting its property fair showcases about 30+ projects in different locations but all priced reasonably. This property fair is a place that puts potential buyers’ property search at ease. For all your property needs from chief location to attractive price, Dreamz GK Infra’s Home Freedom Fair is your one stop solution.

DreamzGK-Home-Fair-1&2Mar14-dreamzgkblogDreamz GK Infra is one of the reputed Residential Construction Company in Bangalore. Dreamz GK is conducting Freedom Home Fair on 1st & 2nd March 2014. If you are looking to buy Flats / Apartments in Bangalore, Dreamz GK offers half-price sale on its Home Fair. Before buying a home Dreamz GK suggest all customers to go through its Youtube Channel to see their existing customer’s feedback and reviews http://www.youtube.com/user/infradreamz

Everyone Can Buy a House According to Jayashree Kurup

Jayashree Kurup is a famous business journalist. Jayashree Kurup states that she has a weakness for buying residential property in India. She terms this as obsessive compulsive disorder. The compulsion to check the property in her is such that she continuously checks what property prices in the neighborhood are so that she can arrive at a conclusion as to whether her property is highly rated against others or not. She has this constant urge to check whether she is richer than others or not.


(Rates and Trend) In any city in India, she also ends up turning conversations to home buying. She feels happy when she gets to know that others are struggling to buy a home and that she is not alone in the struggle. It is a known fact that almost everyone strives hard to buy what they want.

(Open House) Her urge to improvise her home is such that she pores over interiors magazines to see what others have done to their homes. Subsequently, she tries to continuously upgrade her living space to a level that she would always have a Wow factor in her house.

(Décor) Besides this, she also feels happy to get advice from experts whether they are the lenders, developers, chartered financial planners, tax consultants etc. (Gurutalk). The author opines that one need not be rich to buy the house of their dream. The whole process starts with the intention to buy a house basically. Once a decision to buy a house is made, then one can allocate the resources that one can afford comfortably.

Then, what comes next is that how much more can one add to that amount to create a stretch amount. This would be the actual affordability. For those who can afford to pay back Rs 15,000 per month as equated monthly instalments comfortably, they can also try and check by making a few lifestyle changes whether they can push it to Rs 18,000.

Then what one needs to do is that one must work backwards and see what is available in the city that one wants to stay in that fits the budget. If in case, it the option is not there in the area then one can look out in the suburbs. However, for those who still do not find any luck, can look out in the periphery even if it is a good 20 km from where one started looking out for.

But in case the property in the outside is by a well-known developer, and is linked to future potential, one can start the purchase there, for the plain fact that it fits into the budget and also has the potential to grow when the area starts developing. One must observe that the first step to buying a house is to just start buying. If one does not do so, then one will be behind the ruling market price.

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