Dreamz Infra towards Affordable Accomodation in making

In the advent of modernization, increase in population, vehicles on road & narrow lanes… Bangalore has seen drastic development efforts by the authorities.

Overall the infrastructure development has eased the life of many daily commuters in Bangalore. Bangalore been an IT hub, BMTC bus’s been only the main public transport system in the city has made a rational increase in personal vehicles. The newly inaugurated metro encircles a smaller circuit of the city compared to its necessary frequency and coverage area.

This has necessitated major infrastructure projects to kick in and fill the gap.

One can say that off late Bangalore has top class flyovers, underpasses, elevated highways, express ways, ORR(outer ring road), NICE road – Many already delivered for public use and few under construction.

Bangalore has been one of the best place to settle down, and always have attracted many from all over the country. Starting from being one of the hotspot for education, to get a dream job… Bangalore welcomes one and all.

Amidst all this development, education, career, accommodation and food plays a major part. Accommodation has always been a matter of concern to many, though options are available in abundance such as PGs/ paying guests, rented house, single rooms or shared apartments. Inflation has increased prices in all respects, while, on same turns, renting or releasing house has also seen a massive increase in its domain.

People do dream for own house, but hardly few out of the lot can afford it. Rise in costs & increased agents interference has made home buyers fused to jeopardy. Many builders have come up in this space to provide affordable homes, but not many are able materialize there claims.

Dreamz Infra is one name which has stand out in this respect; they fill in the gap & are fulfilling customers’ needs much over there expectations. Reviews directly by customers are one such example which points out dreamz commitment towards its customer base.


Land revenue bill returned by Karnataka Governor Passed during BJP Govt

Governor H R Bhardwaj on Wednesday returned the Karnataka Land Revenue (Second Amendment) Bill, 2012 , passed by both the Houses of the legislature in last days of BJP tenure.

The legislation was brought by inserting new section 94CC in the act with the intention of regularizing unauthorized occupation of revenue land belonging to government areas with dwelling houses constructed prior to January 1, 2012 by granting the land to unauthorized occupants after payment of small amount of fee.

Justifying the decision to return the bill, governor has said “The policy of regularization of encroachment of government land directly encourages illegal occupation of government land. This amendment will cause severe inroads into the lofty principles such as rule of law, equality before law, due to process, majesty of law, dignity of courts, inalienable fundamental rights, directive principles etc, which are enshrined in the constitution,” he said. He added that in the larger interest of the public, illegal occupation of government land has to be curbed.

Referring to Task Force for Protection of public lands headed by V Balasubramanian, Joint Legislature Committee constituted to go into the deadline of the problem of land grabbing and encroachments and also Supreme Court judgment in the case of Jaspal Singh Vs State of Punjab in January 2011, Bhardwaj in a strongly worded observation has said the amendment bill does not specifically prohibit grant/regularization of common land. “This amendment does not serve any public good or social cause, on the other hand it may lead to illegal grabbing of government land.”

Governor also observed that similar act was passed in April 1998 of regularizing the unauthorized occupation as a one time measure. “However it is not known why such lands under unauthorized occupation made prior to April 1998 could not be granted till now.”

Source: The Times of India, Bangalore