Customer Feedback & Reviews on Dreamz GK Builder

Dreamz GK Reviews – Top Residential Builder in Bangalore

Dreamz GK is one of the top residential construction builders from Bangalore. Dreamz GK started 2 January’2011 with 25 customers and 15 employees.  Now Dreamz GK is servicing more than 5000 customers with 300 employees. In last 3 years Company built a very good relationship with customers. Dreamz GK have 35 plus apartments projects in Bangalore in all primary locations. Below are some of the Dreamz GK Customer Reviews.

Dreamz GK Reviews

Dreamz-GK-ReviewsDreamz GK Review by Yogesh

“My name is Yogesh and I have booked a flat in Dreamz Sneh Project. Till now my overall experience with the company is good and I’m sure that my dream of owning a home will come true.”

Dreamz GK Review by Ramesh

“My name is Ramesh Ravi and I have booked a flat in one of the projects of Dreamz in Sarjapur. The company has given me immense satisfaction and I am really glad to be part of Dreamz Company.”

Dreamz GK Review by Rahman

“My name is Rahman. I have booked flat in Dreamz Shloka 2 project and Siddhi Vinayak. I am truly convinced with their service and their reasonably priced flats and they are reliable.”

Dreamz GK Review by Mastan Rao

“My name is Mastan Rao I am happy with the company and they have provided great service and the flats are blessed with impressive amenities like covered swimming pool, children’s play area and many.”

Dreamz GK Review by Radha

“My name is Radha Mani one of the existing customers and I have booked a flat in one of the projects in E-city. I am overwhelmed with the service provided by the company that I am happy to say that construction of my project will be completed soon.”

Dreamz GK Review by Gokulrama

“My name is Gokulrama and I have booked a flat. I have observed them closely and they are reliable and I am proud to say that I part of Dreamz GK family.”

Dreamz GK Review by Naveen Kumar Raju

“My name is Naveen Kumar Raju. I have booked 3 BHK flat in Dreamz Sidhi-I and the company has helped to avail loan easily and finished all the document formalities on time.”

Dreamz GK Review by Sudhansu Sahu

“My name is Sudhansu Sahu. I have booked flat in Dreamz Sneh and I believe that Dreamz Infra is definitely made for middle-class people who are offering us homes at reasonable price.”

Dreamz GK Review by Dr. Subrata Das

“My name is Dr. Subrata Das. I have booked 2 flats in Dreamz-II project. I really appreciate their resolution ‘to provide home to every citizen of India’.”

Dreamz GK Review by Vinod

“My name is Vinod; I have booked a flat in Dreamz Siddhi Vinayak Project in Sarjapura Road. The staffs at Dreamz Infra are very customer-friendly and I am truly happy with the company.”

Dreamz GK Review by Alice

“This is Alice. I have booked a flat in Dreamz Eco-III. I am very much satisfied with the kind of amenities provided in the projects and truly impressed with the company’s service.”

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