India’s First Channel On Real Estate Launched

Times Now from Times Group launches a news channel named “Magicbricks Now”, was what the Urban Development and Housing Minister, M Venkaiah Naidu announced on Wednesday. The channel will showcase all news related to real estate, property, housing sector and the like. This will be the first of its kind news channel which will focus on delivering the much-needed facts of real estate sector of India. This channel will go on air from November 12015.

Mr. M Venkaiah Naidu congratulated the Times Group for this wonderful initiative. The channel will help viewers in taking investment decisions in real estate matters.

magicbricks now

“Times Now from the Times Network is the most authentic, credible news channel in India, and this network is launching another news channel to create a platform for the real estate and housing sector. I felt really happy because it is going to partner with me in our plans to provide housing for everyone by 2022.” This was what Naidu said while launching the channel. He congratulated TOI for taking the initiative and told that he is very optimistic that it will meet all the expectations and fulfill the gap between Real Estate business and consumers.

The 24/7 channel will target the audience as per the New Consumer Classification System (NCCS) according to Broadcast Audience Research Council’s (BARC) guidelines which classifies viewers into A and B categories. The “A” category viewers are 25-37 years of age and “B” category viewers are classified into 38-50 years of age. “Magicbricks Now” will target consumers, brokers, real estate developers, interior decorators, paint providers, various service providers and the business class and other categories of audiences too. So this channel is going to ease the buying and selling process in the field of real estate. It is going to be a consumer friendly, trustworthy and unbiased real estate news channel.


Everyone Can Buy a House According to Jayashree Kurup

Jayashree Kurup is a famous business journalist. Jayashree Kurup states that she has a weakness for buying residential property in India. She terms this as obsessive compulsive disorder. The compulsion to check the property in her is such that she continuously checks what property prices in the neighborhood are so that she can arrive at a conclusion as to whether her property is highly rated against others or not. She has this constant urge to check whether she is richer than others or not.


(Rates and Trend) In any city in India, she also ends up turning conversations to home buying. She feels happy when she gets to know that others are struggling to buy a home and that she is not alone in the struggle. It is a known fact that almost everyone strives hard to buy what they want.

(Open House) Her urge to improvise her home is such that she pores over interiors magazines to see what others have done to their homes. Subsequently, she tries to continuously upgrade her living space to a level that she would always have a Wow factor in her house.

(Décor) Besides this, she also feels happy to get advice from experts whether they are the lenders, developers, chartered financial planners, tax consultants etc. (Gurutalk). The author opines that one need not be rich to buy the house of their dream. The whole process starts with the intention to buy a house basically. Once a decision to buy a house is made, then one can allocate the resources that one can afford comfortably.

Then, what comes next is that how much more can one add to that amount to create a stretch amount. This would be the actual affordability. For those who can afford to pay back Rs 15,000 per month as equated monthly instalments comfortably, they can also try and check by making a few lifestyle changes whether they can push it to Rs 18,000.

Then what one needs to do is that one must work backwards and see what is available in the city that one wants to stay in that fits the budget. If in case, it the option is not there in the area then one can look out in the suburbs. However, for those who still do not find any luck, can look out in the periphery even if it is a good 20 km from where one started looking out for.

But in case the property in the outside is by a well-known developer, and is linked to future potential, one can start the purchase there, for the plain fact that it fits into the budget and also has the potential to grow when the area starts developing. One must observe that the first step to buying a house is to just start buying. If one does not do so, then one will be behind the ruling market price.

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