How Real Estate Brands can leverage Buyers and Developers Confidence

Moving away from a scenario where buyers needed to negotiate their deals with mostly unorganized companies against the backdrop of an unregulated environment, the situation is now set to change as most builders are taking up brand-building as a serious task.
With builders gradually recognizing the need to have a strong brand value and enhance customers’ overall experience, buyers could now look forward to superior quality of construction, internal and external amenities, facility management services and post-possession services, among other things.
On the other hand, developers believe that brand-building will help them garner better pricing from the market participants, given the rising interest from private equity funds, unorganized companies considering joint development agreements and Reits (real estate investment trusts) being relaunched.
What’s for the buyers?
Given the fiercely competitive scenario among real estate developers in India, brand perception becomes a critical yardstick for potential investors, evaluating options in the Indian realty space.
Better services: Many leading developers have moved away from the traditional set-up, where a single sales/marketing team manages multiple functions and have created different teams within the overall sales and marketing gamut. For instance, on-site teams manage the initial booking formalities. Once the customer completes all the formalities, he is assigned a dedicated customer relations manager, who looks into the rest of the formalities, ranging from sending demand notices to processing of payments and paperwork at the time of key hand-over.
Developers have further split the formal sourcing function into different teams, comprising property agents, specialized workforce to manage the sales outreach, non-resident Indian clients and loyalty programmers. For instance, teams handling loyalty programmers interact with existing clients and seek references for expanding the customer base.
Superior construction quality and better amenities: As much of a developer’s credentials are driven by past track record, most companies keen on building a strong reputation will essentially focus on offering customers superior quality of construction and completing projects as per schedule. Additionally, buyers can also benefit from the peripheral facilities offered by developers including schools, swimming pools and clubs, among other things, all within a single gated township. In fact, most leading developer firms consider external facilities as a powerful branding tool to hard-sell their properties across several markets.
What’s for the developers?
Benefits from premium pricing are not restricted to buyers of residential units alone.
Developers believe that carrying a strong brand image will help them negotiate deals at a higher price compared with their unorganised or lesser-known counterparts. This sharpens their competitive edge and helps enhance their market value and brand image even in the international market.
Moreover, small-sized developers that are not well-known but own plots have started entering into joint development agreements with large companies to leverage upon the established brand value and proven track record of the latter. Both benefit from better pricing of the developed land. Private equity funds are also showing strong interest in the real estate sector, across top 10 cities. Additionally, high net worth individuals and financial institutions, which are keen to invest in the Indian property market, may see an avenue in the form of Reits that the Securities and Exchange Board of India, the capital market regulator, plans to reintroduce.
The way forward
Looking ahead, as the real estate market gathers greater momentum and newer projects are launched, the brand value of developer firms could emerge as an important benchmark, driving property purchase decisions for buyers. It would help buyers access key information about the builders’ track record, quality of completed projects and overall customer satisfaction.

10 fold rise in Luxury properties in major Indian cities

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Prices of luxury properties in key Indian cities including Mumbai, the national capital region (NCR) and Bangalore have appreciated 10-fold in the past decade, according to a report released on Monday by real estate consultant Jones Lang LaSalle.
Luxury projects yield much higher returns to developers than projects geared towards the affordable and mid-income segments, the report said.
“Because of the tendency of ultra-luxury projects to garner extremely good pre-sale volumes, their developers are generally able to secure significant fund flows to capitalize the completion of their projects,” via report. “While it is equally true that the input costs for luxury housing are also much higher, the developer stands to benefit from the increased visibility of his brand among highly affluent, top-end clients.”
The demand for housing in the luxury segment often outpaces the supply in cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Bangalore.
“The ultra-luxury housing segment is comparatively recession-proof. As most of the buyers in this category include successful entrepreneurs and business tycoons, their financial appetite is not limited to or governed by the economic considerations,”
“A significant percentage of buyers for such projects is able to self-finance their investments through their saved earnings…the quantum of impact that luxury projects face in times of economic uncertainty is significantly lower when compared to residential projects aimed at other categories,”

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Why Infographics ? Dreamz Infra Reviewed Tips

Hello Dear Readers,

We have received many queries from our beloved readers, querying why we have incorporated infographics in our recent posts. Now to start with, we have been acquainted to traditional text and pictures from the past. Which many would like and want to continue as a tradition, under the advent of technological advancements there has been splendid developments in the way information is shared and consumed. So why would be stand back, Infographics has actually changed the mindset of people, with easy understandable graphical presentation of more complex data is made possible. Easy to understand and delightful to read and share. In dreamz Infra we always promote and follow innovation and sharing infographics is a new trend we have acquired recently.

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Dreamz Infra – Tips for Environment friendly Homes

We found this wonderful Infographic, which beautifully illustrates quick tips to follow towards making our Home more Environment friendly.
Many Times we would underestimate smaller things around us, which would be of greater importance and could bring a subtle change.
Though following all the instructions below could be cumbersome or unfeasible for many staying in apartments/rented houses.
But still contributing towards a greener earth would always be much satisfactory.
New residential projects and developers have realised the necessity for a cleaner and greener environment.
Dreamz Infra India Pvt Ltd has also complemented for the same cause and have been pioneer in developing energy efficient and greener residential complexes. Rainwater Harvesting has been a major focus in the process.

‘Property Investment Woes’ hovering on your head? – Dreamz News

Glance down these info-graphics to shape your concept regarding the ranged parameters of real-estate deals. The details below guide you across voices voting for debated current issues over expected correction in the property market, affordable city destinations, premium digits for move-in properties, suitability of opting for a rented house and so on. The percentage of contradictory opinions help you in judging the viability of your own views amongst other expert probabilities.

Real estate price


Things to remember before buying a property

Finding the right Property

Things to remember before going for a property hunt


Title Deed (Certificate of title of the land)

  • Hi people when you are planning to buy any property, first and foremost thing is what to check down the title deed of that property. A title deed is a legal document which is used to prove ownership of a piece of property. Most commonly, title deeds are used as evidence of ownership for homes and vehicles, although technically a deed of title could be issued for another form of property.
  • A typical title deed includes a description of the property in question, worded in such a way that it cannot be confused with another property, along with the name of the person who legally holds the property; multiple people can also be listed on a title deed.

E.C (Encumbrance certificate)

  • The “Encumbrance” means the charges or liabilities created on a particular property, whereby it is held as a security for any debt of its owner which has not been discharged as on date. The encumbrance certificate contains all the transactions registered relating to a particular property for a period of a time.
  • Encumbrance certificate is a document listing all the outstanding encumbrances affecting real estate. It would include such items as mortgages, liens, easements, restrictions, conditions, life estates, etc

Torence Plan

  • Torence plan is detailed plan of the property which is done by a licensed surveyor. All the measurements details in it are accurate in terms of length, width, borders etc. this plan is necessary for some specific areas only.

Pledged land

Some people may have taken loan from the bank by pledging their land.

  • Ensure that the seller has paid back all the amounts due.
  • Ask for a release certificate from the bank, which is necessary to release all the debts over the land legally.

Property Tax and receipts

  • Use the information from your current paid property tax receipt, such as your account numbers, property legal description and county information to access the website for your county tax office. There should be an option on their web page where you can request a duplicate tax receipt. There may be a charge for this duplicate property tax receipt. Some areas may have separate taxing authorities that keep individual records. You would have to contact each taxing authority separately to request a duplicate property tax receipt, such as school districts, city and utility districts.

Measurement of Property 

  • It is prudential to measure the land before registering any property. In this way you can ensure the measurements and borders of land are perfect and accurate. You should get done it with authorized surveyor as you will avoid many problems coming in future. For the sake of your knowledge you should take surveys sketch from survey department and do ensure the accuracy.

Purchase and sales agreements

  • Purchase and sales agreements are contracts used primarily for complex sales transactions like those involving real estate and business assets. These agreements differ from bills of sale in that conditions must first be met in order for the sale to be finalized. Purchase and sales agreements are sometimes known by different names, depending on the transaction and state where the sale takes place, but they are all detailed contracts outlining the conditions and terms of a financial purchase.

Property Registration

  • The land can be registered to the concerned authority, which may be the Sub-Registrar or the SDM (Sub District Magistrates) of your area. You can get title deed written from a government licensed writer or a lawyer. But the deed can only be computerized not handwritten as Land and Property Registration system has become computerized now.
  • Make sure all the details are accurate in the deed because if there is any incorrectness then you have to register secondary document with correct details and depending on incorrectness, the registration fees repeats. Make sure the deed is registered within the time limit shown in agreement.

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