Dreamz Offering free farm land with every purchase of flat

Dreamz Infra has established itself as the mother of affordable housing in Bangalore. The company has been relentlessly making endeavours to sell flats and apartments at the prices within the reach of everyone. This time the company has few apartments in the almost completed projects. They are at the best of locations and have all the luxury amenities that one can expect. Dreamz Sneh at Marathahalli, Dreamz Samhita at J P Nagar, Dreamz Sangam at Silk Board, Dreamz Sampoorna at Electronic City, Dreamz Sumadhur at Vidyaranyapura, Dreamz Sai Sagar at J P Nagar and few more projects have almost completed the construction. Apart from these there are other under construction projects also.


But there is a surprise that Dreamz Infra has brought to you this time. That is,the company is offering free farm plots worth Rs. 4 lakhs free of cost along with the bookings of these flats in Bangalore. This is the charm of this short timed mega offer, claims the company. The company sources say that there are free site visits along with home loan assistance from the company’s side. There is other assistance also if the customer needs and so there is a great rush after the news of the offer is circulated. The company is following the principle, first come first served and there are too much of rush. So people who wants to avail such an opportunity have to be quick. One more last word but not the least is that there is no reason to think that the flats are priced high and the prices of the farm lands are included in it. Practically speaking the company is in to mass sale and hence can afford it. The flats for sale are even 40 percent lesser than the market rates and bears the hallmark of Dreamz Infra pricing. But over and above that you would get a farm land free. So if this is not an opportunity for the customers, then what is it, asks the company sources. So, dear home shoppers, be quick in your investigate and quickly grab the opportunity if you feel it is worth it.


New Pre-Launch Projects Offers

Dreamz GK came with 5 new Pre-Launch Projects in Bangalore. These projects are located at very popular areas of Bangalore like: Hebbal, Marathahalli, Kanakapura Road, Chandapura Road. If you are planning to buy Flats / Apartments in Bangalore then Kanakapura Road is the best location. Below are the new Projects launched by Dreamz GK.

Dreamz GK PreLaunch Projects

Dreamz Samarpit at Hebbal near Manyata Tech Park
Market Price: 42.75 Lakhs
Offer Price: 30 Lakhs
Market Price: 52.50 Lakhs
Offer Price: 36.75 Lakhs

Dreamz SaiRam at Marathahalli
Market Price: 38.50 Lakhs
Offer Price: 25.50 Lakhs
Market Price: 48.50 Lakhs
Offer Price: 32.50 Lakhs

Dreamz Savinaya at Chandapura Road
Market Price: 12 Lakhs
Offer Price: 7 Lakhs
Market Price: 20 Lakhs
Offer Price: 11.25 Lakhs

Dreamz Samavesha at Kanakapura Road
Market Price: 30 Lakhs
Offer Price: 18 Lakhs
Market Price: 40 Lakhs
Offer Price: 25 Lakhs

Dreamz Sarvasva at Kanakapura Road
Market Price: 75 Lakhs
Offer Price: 45 Lakhs
Market Price: 83.25 Lakhs
Offer Price: 52 Lakhs

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Luxury Property buyers have a major constraint of Connectivity

The major developments in Bangalore are happening in and around the outskirts of the city. This massive expansion is happening in a planned or a coordinate manner. Thus, this how the picture of several luxury real estate projects in the city is.

To get the puzzle a clear insight here, is a case of a senior IT professional who resides in a luxury apartments in JP Nagar 8th Phase off Bannerghatta Road. There bunches of amenities which are really impressive including a club house, exotic swimming pool etc. The one and only catch for the residents is the last two kilometers of the access road. According to the residents to such areas, Bannerghatta is not extremely approachable and it consumes 60 percent of the time reaching the area. The reason accounting for the route to consume an hour is that the road was dug up to lay water pipeline some time ago. But due to some lay back time it was started again and till now it hadn’t been done in a perfect manner leaving behind many potholes on the path. There are also few signs that display the road caving in. This road being the one for many projects there is always a jam packed situation with heavy traffic.

Many realty experts believe that the mobility is a part of an innovative design and is also a concept that has not yet been implemented in the city.


Many other obstacles like jagged pavements, bad roads; garbage outside big luxury projects is something that is being most noticeable in Bangalore. There indeed needs to be taken a strong action against all this. According to the Total Biodiversity Development India Ltd, This situation is often prevalent as the people are less aware and bothered about the excellent planning, cleanliness and maintenance.

The strategy head from Research and Practice, EMBARQ marked that it is therefore a very true fact and a known circumstance that whenever the infrastructure is good and sound, the property prices tent to increase and go sky high. The organization works with the realty developers to carve out a maintainable mobility for the new constructions and realty projects in Bangalore. Many of the active real estate builders and developers have taken a step ahead to address this major issue of maintenance but taking the first initiative process.

The most essential parameters for any individual to consider before investing in any luxury housing sector is the convenience and access to the essential daily location added to it one should also look for a detailed design, finish, amenities and also facilities. Ideally it is also essential for the developers to first identify the land which has maximum accessibility and is relatively nearer to good roads. In the nonexistence of such apt locations it makes it essential to manage the last available km more stable in terms of connectivity making it congestion free and also maintain the traffic flow.

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North Bangalore the next New Bangalore

For quite sometimes due to slow growth of economy India’s real estate market has been ambiguous and is difficult to predict anything as the realty market doesn’t has any fixed form. In the past three quarters, the demand in the housing segment was low in the country but with new government formation in the center changes in liquidity issues, high interest rates and cautious sentiments are likely to support the real estate sector from second half of 2014 and a uptrend in the sales is likely to happen in the 2nd quarter of this year.


Bangalore Real Estate Market:

Though, many major cities in the country suffered from sluggish economy but Bangalore emerged as a fortunate real estate destination. The study of the market changing aspects and the current position of construction in Bangalore have shown remarkable facts that are taken as factors for the growth of Bangalore real estate market. Over the last decade, the Silicon Valley of India has been treading on the path of growth with the rapidly growing demands for residential and commercial spaces. Bangalore is an end-user market unlike other metro cities market and it comprises of about 75 per cent share of the market, which is one of the highest in developed markets of India. IT/ITeS industry is regarded as the major growth driver for the vigorous realty development in the city.

Prospects for Expansion:

With infrastructure developmental measures taken such as Elevated Expressway, Bangalore Metro Rail Project, and Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor by the State Government, the suburb areas are set to see a significant growth. The other factors that have contributed to growth of suburbs are traffic-free commuting, starting of new shopping malls and access to quality educational institutions and healthcare facilities etc.


Additionally, North Bangalore is seeing demand for residential properties. This can be attributed to the closeness to Kempe Gowda International Airport and the projected Social Economic Zone (SEZ) in this locality that is stimulating the demand more. North Bangalore is likely to see the next real estate boom and can become “The New Bangalore” in the approaching years.

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Dreamz GK Freedom Home Fair 1st & 2nd March

Dreamz GK Infra offers Half Price Flats on 1st & 2nd March

Dreamz GK Infra hosting its property fair showcases about 30+ projects in different locations but all priced reasonably. This property fair is a place that puts potential buyers’ property search at ease. For all your property needs from chief location to attractive price, Dreamz GK Infra’s Home Freedom Fair is your one stop solution.

DreamzGK-Home-Fair-1&2Mar14-dreamzgkblogDreamz GK Infra is one of the reputed Residential Construction Company in Bangalore. Dreamz GK is conducting Freedom Home Fair on 1st & 2nd March 2014. If you are looking to buy Flats / Apartments in Bangalore, Dreamz GK offers half-price sale on its Home Fair. Before buying a home Dreamz GK suggest all customers to go through its Youtube Channel to see their existing customer’s feedback and reviews http://www.youtube.com/user/infradreamz